Photography by Ginny Reed, 2007

This website is no longer updated and is now an archive only. Alec Finlay's new website can be found at

Alec has completed a series of renga word-maps in the past year, setting out poems to represent particular aspects of a landscape: transition maps the Northumbrian coast from the mouth of the River Tweed to the River Tyne; Hill of Streams maps the course of the River Dalwhat (Galloway) downstream and upstream

Nine Colours

Alec has recently completed two new school’s projects. Nine colours, is an animated colour specification and mesostic poetry project in collaboration with Ken Cockburn, Evee Garner, Jack Lowe and pupils of Tweedmouth First Primary School (Berwick-upon-Tweed).

Mesostic Curriculum
Mesostic Curriculum, a project that was first realised in Billingham Campus Secondary School in 2007, has recently been extended with an installation for the Milton Keynes Academy. Alec Finlay collaborated with Ken Cockburn, Bethan Maddocks and students, to compose poetic signs for the new Academy. Photographs by Alexander Maris.

Mesostic Curriculum
is a new web-book that features poems composed on the subjects of the curriculum, by pupils of Billingham Campus Secondary School in collaboration with Ken Cockburn, Evee Garner. A selection of poems were realised as signs in the school and photographed by Ginny Reed.

New Publications
Two new publications are now available, published under the aegis of Alec’s residency at Science Learning Centre North East. Thought-Cloud Jotter is a 64 page A4 jotter with a thought-cloud drawn at the foot of each page. A companion anthology The Book of Thought-Clouds, is available as a free downloadable web-book now. The contributors are anonymous. Mesostic Laboratorium (Notebook) is an anthology of mesostic poems composed on the names of a scientists. A selection of these was first published in You Are invited last year. We are also pleased to announce a companion volume, Mesostic Laboratorium (Web-book), our first free downloadable web-book. Future web-books will be archived in a new section of the website.

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