morning star folios

Series One: 1990
Series Two: 1991
Series Three: 1993
Series Four: 1993
Series Five: 1994
Series Six: 1995

The Under the Moon Series

Series One: 1993
Series Two: 1994

2/1: Travel Song

Peter Dent, poem sequence
Susan Paterson, paper cuts.
With ‘Handling the flower: Some Working Thoughts on Poetry’, by Peter Dent
Printed Letterpress. Edition of 300 copies, including 26 signed and lettered by the poet and artist.
Out of print
2/2: Kurt Schwitters: MerzFolio

Seven Poems by Kurt Schwitters translated by Jerome Rothenberg & Pierre Joris.
With Jackson Mac Low's 15th Merzgedichte in Memoriam Kurt Schwitters’, and a song setting of Schwitters poem 'Country Life’ by Christoph Fox.
Printed Letterpress. Edition of 350 copies, including 26 copies signed and letterd by all the contributors.
Out of Print

2/3: Five Poems

Five poems, handwritten by Robert Lax.
Illustrated with a monoprint by Andrew Bick.
With an essay on the poetry of Robert Lax, ‘Against the Kingdom of sevitude and Inertia’, by David Miller.
Printed Letterpress. edition of 250 copies signed by the artist, including 26 signed and lettered by the poet.
Out of print

  2/4: A proposal for a Garden

Ian Hamilton Finlay, poem.
Illustrated with a leaf print by Solveig Hill.
With ‘More Detached Sentences on Gardening’ by Ian Hamilton Finlay.
Printed Letterpress. Edition of 250 copies igned by the artist, including 26 signed and lettered by the poet.
Out of print

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