Location: Nuckalls Gardens, Broadstairs
Walk: 2.67m (3.75km). Long. Alternative wheelchair route via promenade.
Keeper: Clare Darling
Status: Installed
Note: Nuckalls Gardens was named after Anne Nuckalls. The family were friends Of Charles Dickens. The garden is protected by the Friends of Dickens House Museum.

My morning walk from Ramsgate harbour. There are boats of all kinds, large, small, fishing, catamarans, yachts. From the harbour wall head north round the promenade, with the sea on your right. When the tide is out it's on to the sand. The beach has some rocks and pieces of flint which have come down from the chalky cliffs. The rock pools are always interesting to take a look into. It is lovely to watch when the sky is clear or even with clouds.

When the sea allows, walk all the way to Viking bay on the sand, then take the steps on the left or in the middle of the bay. During the season a lift operates for the leg weary. Tide high, keep on the prom or undercliff. Before you get to the end of the prom in Ramsgate there are steps in the cliff to take you up top.

Turn right and walk through St. Georges Oak, a nice expanse of green with trees and shrubs. On exiting the park you pass an interesting modernist house near the clifftop at Dumpton. Continue along the grassy cliffs to Dumpton Gap where you follow the slope back down to the undercliff and can walk on to Louisa Bay.

There is a choice at Louisa: either go up the slope and stairs to Victoria Gardens, or round to Viking Bay. If you choose the slope look round and you will see the clock at Preachers Knoll. By the bandstand across the green choose the way that leads towards Victoria Parade. Next to the Charles Dickens Pub is the Dickens House Museum.
Opposite this, you will find what you are looking for secured on a sycamore in Nuckalls Gardens.

Now, if you have been following our circle way through the Isle, you are on the dog-leg home, heading back to Margate and the last cluster of letterboxes.

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