Location: The Pier, Ramsgate
Walk: 1.1m (1.75km). Medium. Some footways narrow.
Keeper: Michael Hunt
Status: Installed

Exit Ramsgate Railway Station and seek your destiny. With your back to the station skirt round the island and follow Station Approach Road on your left to its end. At the bottom, head right downhill, passing on your left the One Hundred and Eighty, once the Shakespeare Tavern named, not directly after the Bard, but for the locomotive
that pulled the first train into the former South-Eastern Railway station. The site of the old station is now behind you, occupied by the flats named Chatham Court.

The road downwards gets steeper. Go across the traffic lights; pass the East Kent Arms on your left where the Townley Castle once stood. Townley House, with it’s niched figures, still stands to your right now in the guise of Farley’s Furniture. The grounds of red brick Chatham House School, alma mater of Prime Ministers, allow a glimpse of St. Georges Tower – a future landmark on your way. Passing Chatham House and then left by Howling Sounds second-hand record store, bringing you into the High Street. Heading downward still (you’re getting nearer the sea) follow the narrowing High Street (glancing left up Church Hill as you pass for a sight of the newly restored tower of St. George the Martyr), until it becomes pedestrianised. Don’t turn up Pig Alley (unless you want to).

You’re entering Bank and Post Office and Woolies land now. Watch out for Peacocks on the left and Bunnies to the right. Over the cross roads of King and Queen and into Harbour Street for a reason that quickly becomes apparent.
Climb left up Albion Hill then cross to the right hand side of the road and descend the steps through the shrubbery.

We’re in Mr Pulham’s fake stone Grotto here. Then turn left past Pulhamite rocks and the waterfall (which may or may not be falling) to the steps. Raise your eyes and Destiny awaits you in her ring of gold. The letterbox is at the end of the pier, to the right of the café, attached to the rail.

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