Location: Westgate-on-Sea
Walk: 0.6m (0.9km). Short. Steps. Follow blue signs for cycle
route Birchington-Westgate, Westgate-Margate.
Keeper: Sarah Light & Luke Spinks (Ethelbert Street)
Status: Installed

Go to Westgate Bay, by The Swan and start at the ice cream kiosk. Walk along the prom, which in the summer will be full of people and in the winter will be an empty space.

Carry on walking until you get to the café, go up the stairs on the right. At the top of the stairs will be a green. Walk along this until you get to the Westgate pavillion and theatre. There should be a set of stairs going down by the cliffs. When you get to the bottom of these turn left and walk along the prom until you get to a newly built wall in the cliffs.

On the end of the wall should be the letterbox.

Carry on walking round the prom past the café and you should end up at the ice cream kiosk again. It’s a figure of eight. Walk past the small shop smelling of ice cream. Walk along the prom seeing families in their beach huts on the right.

Children running to West Bay Café clenching their money as tight as they can. Stomping up the steps to the green and running to the top of the hidden steps near the hut jumping down them. The area of the steps is like walking down the middle of the Grand Canyon.

You then turn left and take a heart beating walk to the letterbox, hanging on the railings of a protecting wall. You can then take a stroll heading back to the café and climbing the steps one more time and now walk along the green and see children playing cricket, tennis, football and other fun things. And end up at the sweet smelling ice cream shop. When you are here you can have one.

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