Location: Olomouc, Czech Republic
Keepers: Mathew Sweney, Terza Chocholova, Jitka Sverdirhova
Status: Invitation sent
Guide: Not yet published

Welcome to Shanghai
Ignore the concrete and glass
Ignore the skyscraper and Chinese restaurant
Find the spire and follow the tracks to the right
Keep Pilsner on the left
First bridge
Feed ducks
Get rid of your hard earned bread
If there are no ducks feed them anyway
Second bridge
Memorize the instructions and send them to the Black Sea
This is not a joke
Meet the green man
Greet the tall man
Third bridge
Throw your dark past into the river
And let it flow into the Black Sea
Walk on
See the flasks on your right
Don't drink
The true offer will come
>From now on
Ignore all bridges on the left
Enter the iron gate
Welcome to the jungle
Follow the white rabbit
... sorry, line
Ride the bike(s)
Admire the first staircase
Ignore it
Greet the four statues on your left
Consider the things you carry
Wanna drop something?
Walk on the white line
Like a tightrope walker
Arms stretched
Fall off the rope at the fork
And take the right path
Tiptoe to the gazebo
If it's raining
Write a haiku on rain
If the sun is shining
Write a haiku on rain too
If you're not a poet
Make a mandala
And you'll become one
Then float on with the walls on your right.
Until the white snake bites you again
Shout your name into the second staircase
Ignore it
Roll on
Behold the red tower
With a princess locked up inside
It is the next staircase
That allows you to climb the city walls
Enter the gate
Go down the cobble stone path
Turn left
Accept the offer of the red monk
The letterbox is in the ascendancy

you are invited
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