photograph by Bernd Lehmler__________________





Odenwalde Forest Art Path, Darmstadt
Keeper: Peter Fischer
Status: Installed

Walk from the information point to the maple on your left (WWLB047).
Walk on to the Herrgottsbrunnenweg, past the Goethefelsen, until you see the pond in front of you.
Turn to the left and you will see the oak (WWLB048).
Follow the path at the pond for 100m.
On the right you will see the ash (WWLB049).
You have to walk back to the junction in front of the pond.
Follow the Waldkunstpfad until the [steg] is in front of you.
Keep walking to the left along the avenue of birches and find the
letterbox on the birch (WWLB045).
After Ludwigshöhe und “Point de Vue” you come to the barracks’
Keep to the right on the Alte Bogenschneise. Here you will find
the beech (WWLB046).
Follow the Alte Bogenschneise to the information point.