Alec Finlay
Artist, poet and publisher, based in Newcastle upon Tyne.


String of Pearls, Dysart Artworks, Winner best work of art in the public realm, Scottish Design Awards, 2007
Northern Rock, 3 year grant award to platform projcets, (2006-08)
Scottish Design Awards (Best Typography, Best Book, Chariman’s Award), pocketbooks, 2000

Specimen Colony, public artwork / group exhibition and book, Bluecoat Gallery (2008) lodestar, Kielder Partnership, artist residency & Star Observatory, (Kielder, 2007-08)
windmillmindwill, artist residency and book, NaREC (National Centre for Renewable Energy, Blyth, 2007-08)
Harry Smith Anthology (Remix), ALT.GALLERY (Newcastle upon Tyne, 2007)
Sirens: An Evolution from Water, through Water, to Water, 66 East: Centre for Urban Culture, (Amsterdam, 18 March–22 April 2007)
Kiosk, ARTISTS' SPACE, (New York City, March–April, 2007)
INKUBATOR, group exhibition, Edinburgh Printmakers (March 2007)
In their own words, group exhibition, End Gallery, Sheffield, (opens March – April, 2007)
Waterlog, The Sunken Bell, group exhibition, Castle Museum/SCVA, The Collection (Norwich, Lincoln, 2007)
two wheat fields seeded with a poppy-poem, public commission, book & web-book, Milton Keynes Gallery (2006-07)
floating island garden, exhibition and web-book commission, Northumbria Coast AONB (2006-08)
Sky-Field, public artwork, Noses’s Point, Seaham, County Durham (2006-07)
Mesostic laboratorium, book & web-book, Science Learning Centre North East (March 2007)
Three Estates Renga (with Gavin Wade), book and film (with Ravi Duprees), renga word-map, commission for Birmingham City Council for the Three Estates, King’s Norton (2006-07)

CUBECIRCLE, performance (with Dan Civico), platforms 000006, Waygood, Newcastle
International Art-Path-Laboratory, artist project, Darmstadt, Germany.
Word Order, Concrete Poetry and its influence, group exhibition, The Changing Room, Stirling.
International Edible Art Award, artist project and exhibition, Village Bakery gallery, Melmerby.
string of pearls, public art commission, Dysart, Fife
Ball Im Kopf, group exhibition, Museum Kunst Gebergwerke, Hamburg
Killhope Leadmining Museum, artist residency, Killhope, North Pennines
folio/series//book/series, exhibition, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh

EAST 05, The Black Tulip, exhibition, Norwich
Hill of Streams, public artwork commission, Cairnhead Community Forest, Dumfries and Galloway
siren, performance and book, with Chris Watson, published by bookscapes
Three Rivers Crossword, public artwork and book, Nexus, Newcastle, published by bookscapes
Soapsuds and Whitewash, exhibition and public artwork commission, Turner Contemporary, Margate
The stars before we heard them into conversations: performance, Tate Modern, London
Ludwig Wittgenstein: There Where You Are Not, exhibition and book (with Jeremy Millar and Guy Moreton), John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, published by Black Dog

Crossword: public artwork commissioned by The Public, West Bromwich
worldwiderubberstandcirclepoemletterbox, global artist project (2004–)
Dance Trace: public artwork, commission from Dance City, Newcastle
Tweed: public artwork, commission Tweed Rivers Interpretation Project, Scottish Borders
Wind Blown Cloud archive: archive & exhibition: Houston, Gateshead, Galway & Edinburgh
Your Name Here, exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Revolver, group touring exhibition, Witte de With, Rotterdam; ICA London, Istanbul Biennial
Wind Blown Cloud, web project,

1,2 / camellia / fall, letterboxing, Field Guide, Propagator, artist residency, Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2003-05)
Woodland Platform & Xylotheque, public artwork, the Hidden Gardens, Tramway, Glasgow
Inset (Atopia), exhibition, Blaffer Gallery, Houston, USA
Outside of a Dog: (Artists’ Books), BALTIC, Gateshead
Right of Way, exhibition (with Guy Moreton) Galway Arts Centre, Galway, Eire

B.Open, Labanotation, exhibition & artist residency, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead
Wind Blown Cloud, artist project, Brighton Photo Biennial

1990–2007 Artist Publishing
Artist publisher: conceived, edited and published bookscapes (2005-06); conceived, edited and published pocketbooks series (1999-2002). Conceived, edited and published Morning Star (1990-2006), publishing projects with Sol LeWitt, Robert Creeley, Ian McKeever, Hans Waanders, Callum Innes, Simon Patterson, Lawrence Weiner, Pavel Buchler and Richard Tuttle.

1990–2007 Selected Publications
Eye on Europe, group exhibition catalogue, (The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2007)
Thought-Cloud Jotter (Science Learning Centre, Durham 2006)
Siren, (with Chris Watson, platform projects/bookscapes, 2006)
Dance Trace Dance Music (with Andrew Hodson, Dance City & platform projects/bookscapes, 2006)
Ludwig Wittgenstein: There Where You Are Not, with Guy Moreton, Michael Nedo (Black Dog, 2005)
Some Versions of Landscape: Avant-Garde English Landscape (YSP, West Bretton, 2005)
Wind Blown Cloud (Rizzoli, New York, 2005)
Mesostic herbarium (platform projects, 2004)
BALTIC YEARBOOK, catalogue (BALTIC, Gateshead, 2003)
Bynames (platform projects, 2003)
Football Haiku (with Guy Moreton, pocketbooks 2002)
Labanotation: the Archie Gemmill goal (with Robin Gillanders, pocketbooks, 2002)
Justified Sinners (with Ross Birrell, pocketbooks, 2002)

pocketbooks series
Atoms of Delight (2000)
Love for Love (with John Burnside, 2000)
Without Day (2000)
Wish I Was Here (with Kevin MacNeil, 2000)
The Way to Cold Mountain (2001)
The Order of Things (with Ken Cockburn, 2001)
Justified Sinners (with Ross Birrell, 2002)
Football Haiku (with Guy Moreton, 2002)
Labanotation: the Archie Gemmill goal (with Robin Gillanders, 2002)

(WAX366, 2002)
The Book of the Book (Granary Books, 2001)
Goldfish Suppers (Edinburgh City Council, 2004)
Cuirt Annual 2003 (Galway Arts Centre, 2003)

Poetry Collections
football moon (BALTIC, 2002)
Poezie bez hranic (Oloumouc Festival, 2004)

Small Press Series
Wind Blown Clouds
Verse Chain (2002)
Bynames (2003)
Mesostic herbarium (2004)
Friday 8 May, Alexander & Susan Maris (2004)
turning toward living (2004).
Irish 2 (with Guy Moreton, 2003)
The Book of Questions

Bookscapes series
THREE RIVERS CROSSWORD (with Sandy Balfour, 2006)
Siren, (with Chris Watson, 2006)
Dance Trace Dance Music (with Andrew Hodson, 2006)
Journey to the Lower World (Marcus Coates, 2006)